Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Low Shoulder - Through The Trees Lyrics
All alone in an empty room
Nothing left but the memories of when i had my best friend
I don't know how we ended up here
I don't know but it's never been so clear
We made a mistake, dear.
And i see the broken glass in front of me
I see your shadow hanging over me
And your face, i can see...

Through the trees
I will find you;
I will heal the ruins left inside you
Cuz i'm still here breathing now...
I'm still here breathing now...
I'm still here breathing now...
Until i'm set free.
Go quiet through the trees

I remember how we used to talk
About the places we would go when we were off
And all that we were gonna find.
And i remember our seeds grow
And how you cried when you saw
The first leaves show.
The love was pouring from your eyes.

So can you see
The branches hanging over me?
Can you see
The love you left inside of me?
In my face
Can you see?

Through the trees
I will find you;
I will heal the ruins left inside you.
Cuz i'm still here breathing now
I'm still here breathing now...
I'm still here breathing now...
Until i'm set free.
Go quiet through the trees.

Cuz you're not coming back
And you're not coming back
No-oo... no-oo... no
You're not coming back...
You're not coming back...

Take my breath as your own
Take my eyes to guide you home

Cuz i'm still here breathing now...
I'ms till here breathing now...
I'm still here breathing now...
And i'm still here...

Cuz i'm still here breathing now...
I'm still here breathing now...
I'm still here breathing now...
And i'm still here...

Cuz i'm still here breathing now...
I'm still here breathing now...
I'm still here breathing now...
And i'm still here...

But you're not coming back.
And you're not coming back.
Cuz you're not coming back
Until i'm set free
Go quiet through the trees.

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Saturday, February 28, 2009
The Antagonist
What are you afraid of?
Are you frightened by the fangs that almost took you?
Or with the wide eyes that sees through your soul?
Is it the venom that runs through my veins?
Or just the being that I am?

For you, I'd be invincible
If you say I'll be invisible
The longer I'm with you
The more humane I become
This much I appreciate
I'm here and you will never be alone..

What are you scared of?
You are God sent
You bring about such bliss
You could control and tame me as you wish
Am I that of a villain on your story?
You so resist of giving in


As sparks shimmer in the dark
As the noise surrounds the night
My senses awoke
To you, no harm shall come close..


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Monday, July 28, 2008
Just like an angel
You are heaven sent
Just like an angel
Your light’s from above
Just like an angel
You came unexpectedly
And revealed what was concealed
Just like an angel you inspire me to do well
You make me want to be better
Just like an angel
You make me feel safe
You make me feel secure
Just like an angel
You are a gift
Just like an angel
You give me strength
Just like an angel
You are a friend
That could be there until the end
But just like an angel
One day I’ll see you fly
To follow your heart’s desire
And just like an angel
We can never be
For reasons only God can see.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008
An Interesting Journey..
It was a long days-off but still I wish it was longer.. Last Thursday was my rest day.. I went to Lucban Quezon to visit my grandmother, my relatives, and my dear loving mom’s and grandfather’s grave.. God I missed them all.. Too bad I had to leave the following morning to visit my dad and siblings in Bauan Batangas where they live.. I traveled again.. Alone.. Same old thing goes.. One of the most usual things for me.. Something I’ve already gotten used to.. Something I already learned to bear with.. As my ride goes, each minute was a fleeting moment of blended bliss and distress recalling everything as if it was from a dream.. From parts where even nightmares take place.. I’ve thought of a lot of things at that time.. I’ve thought of my friends.. Friends from the past and those that I currently have.. I’ve thought of people and events that simply passed by my life but made me smile, laugh, even cry.. I’ve thought of people who looked me differently.. I’ve thought of my family.. My mom whom I know is watching over me from the heavens.. My grandmother who always looks forward to my every next visit.. My dad, my brother Ian, my sisters Rosette and Bhea who always hope that I’ll be with them again.. Then I thought of me.. Being alone isn’t something that I’ve never been before.. It’s like I grew up with it.. I was a loner.. I rarely have friends.. And I thank God I have a few of them.. I thank them so much for staying with me despite my doltish and disparate personality at times.. I am fortunate for having them.. They’re the reason I feel like I’m not alone at all.. But what could be next.. I understand and I am pretty certain that one day my friends can’t stay with me any longer.. They will go their own ways and live their own lives.. It’s like a time when a person learned something great to live with and have it but see the downside so soon.. I was mesmerized by the thought.. Now I wonder what could be left for me.. I know we will always remain what we are no matter what and I will treasure that.. It is to be cherished.. But like I said.. Time will come to take different steps and when that time arrives I should know what to do.. Will I just be as I was.. Or I would be brave enough to take the step of my own.. on my own.. God knows..

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
A Change of Pace
i have a new job not a telemarketer anymore but a credit analyst..i tried applying in another company about last week..apparently i got hired..i was on floating status with my old one by then..that was the first company i ever worked with..first job..the place where i've stayed aside from home for the last two years of my life..i've learned to love that place..but as many has said..people must learn to grow up,mature,move on..signs were like slapped on my face over and over again which i refused to feel before..a lot of memories are left in that place..but i am precise that there are also memories that will stay with me even though i try to that i've finally left the said place..i must face the new world that i'm running into..a change of pace..a new beginning..

"they say when you found the reason to walk away..never look back..
just keep on walking even if the destination is unclear..
it will take a lot of courage for every step you make..
but it will save some pride and honor for yourself..
it is better to get lost moving on than be stranded and broken after all..
-anonymous- "

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Monday, February 18, 2008
Remind Me
It was November
When the air was colder
You’ve touched me then
Turned everything around
I merely thought
You were the one
You gave me hopes
That’s not there before

Remind me of what we used to be
I’ll cherish all of these memories
Remind me of what’s no longer there
Now that we had has faded away

I’ve always loved your lips
Sweetest when pressed with mine
Though it’s over
I’ll still hold it close
I’ve had my mistakes
I know you know yours
Time won’t turn back
So will you my love

I’ve fallen so deep
Now I’m in misery
Nothing meant to me
More than you ever did
But still you said goodbye
Though I begged for a chance

Remind me of what’s to forget..

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Sunday, August 26, 2007
paper cranes
i could stare at you all day
as my mind wander free
letting my thoughts float high
'til myself back at me (back at me)

those are amazing little wings
you amuse me as you can see
you are made by someone
someone who is now gone

you used to stand on shelves
all over my place
you have seen me weep
watched me as i sleep


you held memories of someone who was never mine(never mine)
you bring smiles of the illusion that i've always had (i've always had)
i wish he'd come to me (come to me) 3x

chorus 2x

you were made by someone
someone long gone..

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007
A Poem For S.C.
yes i'm back
back from where i've been
torn apart
teary eyed
heart broken
i'm tired of wearing disguises
i'm sick of pretending
i'm lost in this game
i just have to accept the fact
that he's never going to be mine
that he is not for me
and he will never love me
he will never understand me
but still one glimpse of him
my heart just can't help but smile
can't help but fall
fall for nothing
fall to be hurt
and worst
fall and pretend your not
yes love is not here to stay
all i can do is sit down
watch him hold hands with his girl
the feeling is extreme pain
extreme torture
and now i'm here
i'm back
back from the phase
where i wasn't whole
wasn't complete
my tears are my witness
every heartbeat is my death
he is my weakness
yes he is my weakness..

-written by Iya Abalos

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Sunday, July 1, 2007
weekend get-away
i was waiting for a while
when you came by in your car
it was almost noon time
i enjoyed the moment you pulled by
we stopped over at a gas station
before we run the expressway
i really liked the view
specially now that i'm with you

i feel like i would melt
and i could bend
i wish this feeling won't end
of our weekend get-away

now its time to go home
the rain is pouring down
we got stuck in traffic
silence has filled the air
you made a phone call
and heard you said i love you


i wish i told you what i really felt before
that i fell for you (fell for you)
im sorry i wasted the chance that you gave to me
(im sorry) 2x
im so sorry

chorus 2x

but i know this is the end
of oue weekend get-away..

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Monday, June 18, 2007
Break away one more time..
June 12, 2007, around 3:00am..I was having my lunch break with my friends from the office..I saw prince crossing down the street ---------- with someone..I asked my friends if they know who the girl is..They looked at each other..They remained silent..After a while..They let out a confession..The prince that I loved so much all these times already have his princess..He already have a girlfriend..Damn!It hurts!My friends discovered the news a few days ago..They were supposed to tell me as soon as they heard it but they wanted to confirm first if it was true..Tangna!Sakit!I was stunned right then and there..I wasn't able to move..I wasn't able to speak..I've gone blank..Then my tears started falling..I wasn't able to help it..I tried to make it stop but I just can't..Funny it may seem but I was crying while taking calls at the office..I felt pathetic!I can't do anything except to break-down in tears just like a cry-baby..I'm drenched in pain and at that moment I can't do anything about it..I wanted to ask the prince "why not me?I waited for so long for you to notice"..I wanted to run to him and scream at his face.."You are so numb!I Love You!"..But even if I do all those stuffs now..It's already too late..His heart already belong to someone else..

June 14, 2007..Around 12 midnight..I saw prince again----------with his princess..They look good together..Ouch!They look so sweet..I saw them twice actually..I saw them during lunch break holding hands just outside the elevator of our building..Thanks fate..Make me numb..I envy his princess..She now have all the chance to be with the prince and love him..I never did..

I guess there's nothing left for me to do anymore but to move-on..It's time for me to accept the truth that whatever the prince and I had(if there's any) will never ever work-out no matter how hard I try..That's reality..He never liked me at all..We're just not meant to be..And if ever he would have a change of heart..I might wait for him..Its just that..I can't wait forever

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